In the Not Too Distant Future…

In late 1996, or thereabouts, I was flipping through the 20 or 30 HBO channels bloated my parents’ cable bill each month. As I was cruising through the channels, something caught my eye. It was Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie. I sat in awe, watching Mike Nelson and his robot friends Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot crack jokes through the Not too terrible This Island Earth. I had never seen anything like it. It was one of the only times I was glad that HBO ran the same 10 movies over and over again. I ended up recording it, and watching it many more times over the years. I would have been happy to leave it at that. Then came 1997.
I found out that Mystery Science Theater 3000 was actually a television series when I saw episode 801, Revenge of the Creature, on the Sci Fi channel (sorry, I loathe the name SyFy). When I learned it was a weekly TV series, I just about died. From that day, until it’s untimely cancellation, I watched the show religiously.  After it was off the air, I found the DVD box sets. And that was when I discovered there was even more to the show. That was when I discovered Joel and the Comedy Central episodes.

As with any fandom, there are favorite characters. Some love Joel and his laidback fatherly demeanor with the bots, while others love Mike and his snarkier sense of humor, and his brotherly relationship woth the bots. And of course, now there is Jonah, and his sense of humor. Now that the show is back and on Netflix, we will be able to see how the new host and the new Mads will develop going forward.

Having recently completed my first run through of season 11, I have been feeling a bit nostalgic. So I fired up my media server and looked at my collection of episodes from the original run of the series. Then I had a dumb idea.

I am going to watch the show from the beginning. The very beginning. Why? Just because. My goal is to watch all 210 available episodes before season 12 comes out (I am ever the optimist). I know it will not be an easy task. I love this show, but I am well aware that there are some episodes in the first couple of seasons that are pretty rough; But I like a challenge, so I will watch each episode, in sequence and share my experience. If you’re into that kind of thing, let’s go through this together, won’t we?


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